Good Things Come in Small Packages

Custom KitchenSmall kitchens can be an inconvenience, but it’s all in how you use it. With custom cabinets and space-saving tips, you can make it efficient and stylish!

First, start stacking. By stacking the cabinets you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your space. The only way to go is up! Second, cut the clutter. By developing a more streamlined kitchen, you can save your space and only use what you need. Get rid of the bulk and save your room! Third, open shelving and cabinets are a good way to maintain the look of openness without losing any of your storage.

But, the key to bringing it all together is in how you make it yours. With a clean layout and spotless style, you’ll be cooking in no time. Heritage Joinery in Austin can help with any custom cabinet needs to make your small kitchen a big one!

Remodeling Your House Just Got Social!

Home remodeling gets even better when you get to share the experience with people interested in the same things you are! With, you can get some inspiration beyond what you can imagine. Custom cabinetry, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, is just the start of what you can find. With the increasing trend of home remodeling, Houzz lets you search for “designspiration” and share what you find. Using Ideabooks, users can easily compile their favorites and show people their style.

Making home remodeling a social experience is a new innovation for the industry, giving people the chance to speak to others about their experience and recommend to others what actions to take. This growing online trend makes it easier to remodel. Heritage Joinery, a custom cabinet manufacturer in the Austin area, makes it easier to start your remodeling process!


Custom Cabinet Trends: How Austin Cabinet Makers Can Help

Custom CabinetDon’t know what to do with your kitchen cabinets? With the increase in people ordering custom cabinets, many trends and patterns have popped up, giving you the chance to get some inspiration. White cabinet doors create a cleaner look in the kitchen, which can be a highly traditional trait in a kitchen. Dark cabinet finishes are a stark alternative to white, but versatile enough to achieve the traditional or contemporary feel. Floor-to-ceiling is another growing development with custom cabinetry, increasing storage with style. With all of the big style options that can be decided on lately, cabinets rarely come unembellished nowadays, with adornments giving the cabinets emphasis and creativity.

Pages upon pages could be written on creative styles for cabinets. Heritage Joinery, an Austin cabinet maker, can make a cabinet to suit your stylistic needs. Check outvtheir custom cabinet work and get your own inspiration!

How Home Improvement Has Been Booming

With $19 billion being spent from new homeowners in the home improvement retail market last year alone, it’s become an ever-growing trend in the US. In Austin, people spend an average nearly $25,000 on the kitchen remodel alone. In this growing industry, custom cabinetry becomes a larger need for people designing their home renovations. Even this niche market has experienced growth with sales for custom cabinets increasing roughly 20% from last year in the US.

With the industry booming at this rate, you want to do business with a builder you trust. Getting lost in the flood of cabinetry companies is easy with businesses popping up, trying to take advantage of the growing market. Serving custom cabinet needs in Austin, from Georgetown to Lakeway, Heritage Joinery will give you the personal attention and quality to fit your unique needs.

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